Blue Bullets Biggest Adventure

By Belly 577

            Like a streak of cobalt sunlight, Blue Bullet thundered across the outer reaches of the galaxy. They'd been many raids by the villainous race, the D'Nadri, in the Solar Kingdom recently, and if it hadn't been for BB many lives could have been lost. His amazingly keen senses scanned the void, searching for any clues of further D'Nadri insurgency, but it was strangely quiet. For hours Blue Bullet patrolled tirelessly, knowing that the state of the peaceful Solar Kingdom could be jeopardized at any moment by a horde of alien vessels. Sworn to defend the Solar Kingdom and its royal family, BB had earned the title ' The Cobalt Crusader', and judging by his relentless pursuit of peace, it was well earned. He raced across the stars, through the solar winds in a wide arc carefully watching for any approaching danger. 

            Just as he was about to return to his base, Blue Bullet's, remarkable eyesight saw a ship at the very edge of the Forbidden Zone, a lawless sector of the galaxy and home to many Pirates and Vagabonds. He could see the small ship was in trouble and drifting dangerously close to an asteroid field, sure to be dashed to pieces in moments. Instantly, he leapt into action and raced towards the small craft as fast as his powers could take him, rocketing towards the endangered ship. The craft arched in a slow tumble, gravity pulling it towards a jagged looking hunk of rock hundreds of meters across. With seconds to spare, Blue Bullet grabbed one of the ships rocket boosters, and pulled with all his might. His muscles bulged beneath his blue costume, stopping the ship mere feet from its certain doom. With a sigh of relief, the Cobalt Crusader carefully towed the ship away from the dangers of the Forbidden Zone and the asteroid field, into a safer sector of space. Once the craft was free from peril BB began inspecting the small vessel's hull, and he became increasingly puzzled. There were no external signs of damage, and all power to the ship appeared to have been switched off. Carefully he glided around the craft, looking for anything that could explain what had happened, but there were no clues as to what had befallen the ship or its crew. He did notice that the ship was a familiar passenger type craft, although it's airlock doors were curiously narrow. He guessed them to be regular height, but about 50cm wide and could think of no creatures that required such strange shaped openings. Reaching out, he touched one of the narrow, re-enforced doors and flinched in surprise as it hissed open.

            Using his infrared vision, Blue Bullet was able to see inside the dark, unlit airlock. The inner door had not been changed like the outer one, which seemed even more curious to the Cobalt Crusader, who decided to investigate further. Carefully he glided through the outer door, turning sideways to let his broad shoulders through the narrow opening, and activated the pressurization procedure. Unlike most species, BB could happily exist in a vacuum, thanks to his remarkable powers, but depressurizing the whole ship would almost certainly prove fatal to who or whatever was inside. When a green light flashed on above the inner door, he knew it was safe to proceed and quietly stepped inside to the dark, silent interior of the ship. His voiced pierced the silence as he called out; "Attention on ship. This is Blue Bullet. Is anyone in need of help?" But there was no response. However, it was becoming obvious that something was not quite right. The ships life-support systems were online, so was the artificial gravity generator, meaning he was not alone. Just then, he thought he heard something, coming from the front of the ship, a kind of muffled cry. Sensing that someone was in danger BB quickly darted towards the sound, through the deserted ship, reaching the spacious control room. There he came face to face with an old adversary, the evil, green-skinned Velka. Dressed in a striking, tight black spacesuit, the beautiful, yet deadly warrior woman stood arms folded, a wicked grin on her emerald lips.

            "Aaah. Blue Bullet. I'm glad you could make it, you see I have a little surprise for you..."
            Activating a remote control a wall partition slid open to reveal the bound and gagged Princess Zarina, dressed in little more than a flimsy golden slip. Instinctively, Blue Bullet moved for Velka, but not fast enough. The green temptress danced away from his grip, laughing wickedly.
            "Oh dear Blue. You must be slowing down. Lucky for the Princess that you are, otherwise I'd have let go of this button, and she'd of been blasted into space, and I really don't think she's properly dressed for that." Sniggered Velka, relishing the situation.
            Blue Bullet stood, poised to act, his eyes darting between, Velka and the Princess. With her hand on the controls, how could he stop her from killing Zarina? Before he could formulate a plan of attack, the evil Velka pressed another button on the remote and a strange, red gas began to fill the room. The swirling particles seemed to circle around Blue Bullet as he tried desperately to fan them away with his hands.
            "You'd better not hurt Zarina, or I'll make sure you'll serve the maximum sentence in the Kingdom's highest security prison!" Shouted the Cobalt Crusader defiantly.
            "I'd me more worried about what's going to happen to you, Blue. You see, I've done some research into your weaknesses, and this is one of them,” retorted Velka smugly.
            Now the gas was swirling around BB like a mini whirlwind, occasionally it would brush against the super hero, making him flinch in surprise at the sensation. Suddenly wave after wave of the gas flowed over him, making his head spin until it had all gone. The Cobalt Crusader staggered for a moment as his vision began to clear. What the heck was that all about? He could hear Velka speaking into a communicator, and glanced up to see the Princess starring at him wide eyed in fright. Slowly, he regained his composure, and placed his hands defiantly on his hips.
            "Is that the best you can do Velka?" he smiled.
            She smiled back at him, and then glanced over his shoulder. "Captain Gormauld, so glad you could make it!"
            Blue Bullet swung around to see half a dozen D'Nadri warriors, led by his enemy Captain Gormauld, come marching into the control room. Not one of the creatures was taller than 5 feet high, and all wore their silver space suits with transparent bubble helmets. With phasers at the ready they surrounded the Cobalt Crusader, whilst the Captain spoke to Velka.
            "Ahhh. I see my decision to hire you paid off." Said the Captain in a squeaky alien voice, "Have I missed the show?"
            "It's about to begin dear Captain." Smiled Velka as she checked her watch.

            BB eyed them cautiously, determined to stop the two most wanted villains in the Solar Kingdom, yet sworn to protect the innocent Princess. He was about to order the two miscreants to surrender, when suddenly the Cobalt Crusader's body spasmed and he let out... a loud belch! Panicked by the loud noise, the D'Nadri troopers opened fire, thinking BB was about to attack. Frantically, the superhero ducked, dodged and weaved most of the phaser blasts, but was hit before Gormauld could order its warriors to stop firing. But in the confusion, BB had come up with a plan. He staggered forward, feigning injury, head in his hands groaning. Then suddenly he leapt forward, shoving the Captain out of his way and snatching the remote from Velka, before she could release the button. The green woman simply laughed as he tore the device from her hands. Blue Bullet breathed a sigh of relief and backed carefully towards the Princess, stifling another burp as he did so. Velka and Gormauld exchanged glances, knowingly. But as BB reached the Princess, she simply shrugged off the ropes and removed the gag herself.

            "Surprise!" she giggled mischievieously, her eyes turning red like a... Changeling!
            Blue Bullet winced as he felt something like indigestion in his stomach, spinning back around to face his enemies.
            "Looks like you've got no real hostages... Urp... I think that it's time to... Buuurp! Give up!" He gasped, through puffed cheeks. Gormauld and Velka simply laughed at him. His face reddening, BB moved towards them menacingly, feeling very bloated and full. He thought he could hear a hissing sound, like a leak in the ships hull, until he realized that the sound was coming from his own stomach! The Cobalt Crusader glanced down in time to see his own belly begin to slowly distend, like a balloon gently filling with air. Instinctively he reached down to his gradually swelling paunch as if to feel if it was really happening, a look of shock on his face. Gormauld stepped forward, smiling triumphantly.
            "Yes it is really happening Blue Bullet. It's a special chemical that I had our scientists work on to put you out of the picture once and for all! You'll not thwart my plans anymore!"
            Blue Bullet tried to grab the little alien, but before he could reach it, he saw that his muscular arms were bigger and rounder, as they too were now starting to swell up. He was now sporting a full round belly, which pushed against his utility belt, straining to burst free, and he staggered as his inner thighs begin to push each other apart. Near panic, BB frantically glanced about his burgeoning body, as his once muscular body became plump and round. Shocked, he tried to ask what was happening to him, but he found himself short of breath.
            "You want to know what's happening, don't you Blue?" laughed Velka "Well, let's just say we can't shoot you through that impenetrable skin of yours, but we can bypass it and... erm... alter it."
            "That's right." Interrupted Gormauld, the little alien puffing out its chest with pride. "We have created a chemical, specially suited to your genetic structure and as we speak it is turning that invincible body of yours into a... well... balloon!"

            Blue Bullet tried to run for the exit, managing only a stilted waddle as his chunky legs became rounder and harder to bend. Captain Gormauld signaled its warriors to step aside as the rotund hero tried to outrun his enemies, and they moved to let him squeeze through the doorway, following him easily at a walking pace. BB could feel his utility belt getting uncomfortably tight as he reached the airlock; he tried desperately to remove it, but the shape of his now beach ball-sized belly and swollen arms made the task impossible. Whilst he could still bend his arms he punched the airlock entry code. By now Velka, Gormauld and the D'Nadri warriors had gathered around, looking at him quizzically, as he tried to enter the airlock. Velka stepped forward and knelt down in front of him.

            "Here. This’ll give you a little more room to grow." She said, stepping forward and releasing the clasps on his belt.  With a loud "POP!” the belt burst open and his belly surged forward, unhindered and growing rapidly. It relieved the growing pressure inside him, but only for a moment. His torso was now a rounded, pear shape with sausage shaped arms and conical legs, yet still it continued to inflate. Infact, the only parts of the Cobalt Crusader not swollen, were his head, hands and feet. Velka looked over his body, running her hands over his gravid stomach, fascinated by what they were doing to him. Seeing that Blue Bullet was no longer a threat, the warriors holstered their weapons and moved forward to examine the distending hero. BB glanced around, powerless to stop the unwanted inspection of his now near spherical torso, as his unbendable arms began to rise to shoulder height, making room for his body. He heard a tearing noise as his trunks finally gave way to his bloated thighs and massive butt. Velka watched delightedly as Blue Bullets groin began to push down, under pressure of his belly, turning him into a huge, blue, egg-shaped hero, with plump arms and stumpy round legs.

            "Hmmmm. I am surprised that the rest of his costume hasn't burst already." Said Gormauld, almost to itself as the little creature ran a curious hand over Blue Bullets rounded torso, feeling the taught fabric stretching tighter and tighter. It shrugged and spoke into a communicator, "Be advised. Blue Bullet is almost ready for collection. Move the ship into position."

            Blue Bullet managed some little steps as his feet were pushed into a yet wider stance by his distending groin and his already plump arms, became stumpy as they were absorbed into his rotund sides. In his panic he lost his balance and began to roll onto his back, but the warriors caught him easily, and carefully rolled him back onto his feet. By now his body was nearly spherical, although slightly wider at the bottom, like an upturned turnip, with little hands and feet sticking out at the bottom and sides. Velka thumped his rotund body with her fist; it made noises like a bouncing basketball.

            "I think he's big enough now not to cause any trouble. Besides, you want to be able to actually fit him into your spaceship don't you?" She pulled a large, red pill out of one of her suit pockets and signaled for the D'Nadri warriors to roll Blue Bullet forward. Carefully the little aliens obliged, much to BB's annoyance, but there was nothing he could do to stop them. Velka leaned in close to his face as the hero panted as if in exhaustion.
            "Okay Blue, or maybe I should call you Blue Balloon? This pill is the antidote to that gas I filled you with. It won't deflate you, but it'll stop you from bursting open like an egg in a microwave. Do you want it?"
            Helplessly Blue Bullet nodded, and the evil Velka fed him the large pill. It was difficult to swallow, but BB gulped it down hurriedly, desperate to stop his continued inflation. Moments latter, he felt the enormous pressure inside his belly subside and the hissing stopped, he was able to regain his breath.
            "Wha... What have you done to me you evil doers?" He stammered, still in shock from his strange transformation. Velka and the D'Nadri ignored him as they continued to examine and marvel their handiwork. Only the dull 'CLUNK' of another ship latching onto their small vessel was enough to get their attention. Gormauld spoke into his communicator, issuing orders and telling his warriors to measure Blue Bullets girth so that the crew of his battleship knew how bigger hole to cut in this ships hull. The D'Nadri troopers did as commanded and produced a tape measure, which they wrapped around BB at his widest, reporting their findings back to the captain. By now the changeling had come in to see what had become of the once svelte hero, and she gasped in delighted surprise. She looked less like the princess now, but still had the girlish giggle that the Cobalt Crusader had heard before.

            "Oh my! What have they done to you Blue Bullet? Hee hee! I think you need to go on a diet!!"
            The sound of a laser torch screeched through the chamber, as the crew of the battleship began to cut a hole in the hull, to match BB's new dimensions. Gormauld clicked his fingers and gave orders for the superhero to be moved into position ready for loading onto the larger vessel. The warriors walked around the globular body of BB, trying to work out how to move such an awkward shape, pushing and prodding as they did so. One of the little D'Nadri troopers stepped forward and tried to take command of the situation, motioning for the super hero to move towards it. Blue Bullet, tried to move, but could only manage a few, tiny waddling steps, much to the annoyance of the little warrior, who had hoped for a quicker way of positioning him. Craning his neck, BB saw that the hole was nearly ready as the orange dot of the laser torch slowly edged its way across the wall, leaving a fading red scar as it sliced through the hull. Finally the troopers decided on a plan of action, and gathered around him, getting into position ready to move his rotund form. He was powerless to stop them, and aside from a few little waddling steps and the flapping of his hands, virtually immobile. Carefully the little soldiers eased him onto his back, ignoring his futile protests, and treating him like a massive ball, rolled him into position. Velka and Gormauld found this final indignity particularly amusing, and laughed at BB's obvious distress.

            The loud clank of the hull plating hitting the floor snapped them back into reality, and they turned to see a crew of D'Nadri engineers standing in the still smoking hole, staring amazed at the new shape of the Cobalt Crusader. Orders from Gormauld brought them to their senses and they began laying down a ramp ready for their new cargo. They signalled that they were ready, and the troopers began to carefully roll the super hero forward, up the ramp and into the docking port of the battleship, followed by Velka, Gormauld and the changeling. BB was feeling sick now, partly through dread and partly due to being rolled through the alien ship like a big, blue barrel. As the ships deck and ceiling span past in a nauseating blur, he heard Velka's smug voice.
            "Don't worry Blue, this is just the beginning. The D'Nadri and I have got lot's of other interesting things that we're going to do to you."
            Blue Bullet had a horrible feeling in the pit of his now gargantuan stomach, that he wasn't going to enjoy any of it...